Yard Girl Productions

Logo development and websites for movement-building documentary film company

Project Overview

Yard Girl Productions’ Diane Robinson was drawn to film as a tool to stir deeper thinking, evoke empathy, and inspire change.

We worked with Yard Girl Productions to create a brand identity and two websites—one for the production company and one for their feature documentary feature The Young Vote. They introduce an exciting new film production company that captures the revolutionary power of filmmaking to the world. 

The Young Vote website uses many of the familiar elements of a promotional film website, but the site also adds additional functionality to direct visitors to take action, access educational resources, and register to vote. Built to be edited easily, the website is designed to evolve with the film’s success as it grows its audience at film festivals nationwide. 

The passion behind Yard Girl Productions emerges out of the intersection of art and social change. This is our sweet spot, too. If we translate our clients’ visions into storytelling tools that help their message reach more people and build movements that create change in the world, then we have harnessed the power of design for good.


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