Xi Xon

Positive branding and user-friendly website for a woman-owned boutique celebrating radical self-love

Project Overview

Xi Xon is a minority and woman-owned boutique based in Philadelphia committed to creating a safe space and providing resources and tools that promote sexual exploration, pleasure, and radical self-love. 

There are many social barriers that make sexual exploration challenging in our culture, so we designed a brand identity that invites customers to feel accepted, liberated, and safe. Through the discovery process, we collaborated with Xi Xon’s owner Virginia to draw inspiration from an extensive mood board to find the right visual identity with a playful, open, curious, and positive tone. After exploring various mock-ups and iterations, we landed on a flower in the logo that represents the female form and is approachable and organic in structure. 

In the website design phase, we applied Xi Xon’s brand identity to a Shopify theme that allowed the soft and organic character of the brand to stand out. The site connects customers to the brand story and makes purchasing easy.

Xi Xon is an awardee of Pixel Parlor’s Brand Grant, a program where we grant brand essentials to businesses that make our city unique.

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