Our Process

Relationships are everything

Trust builds a solid foundation for us to dig deep and uncover what makes you unique. The design process should be joyful, dynamic, and shared. You can expect honesty, empathy, and the feeling like we are on your team. 


Leave no stone unturned

We get to the heart of your work through research, inquiry, reflection, and engagement—the essential elements of creating compelling experiences. This provides the opportunity to sit with you, ask questions, and get to know your vision. The best part: you get to know yourself deeper through the process, too.

We get it before we get going

We invite you to walk alongside us every step of the way, while our team brings different perspectives, experiences, and skills to the table as we brainstorm and explore ideas. Our storytelling combines strategy and creativity to invent a unique experience that resonates deeply with your audience.

Design thinking, skill and creativity coalesce

Make it beautiful and make it work. Our team collaborates to build the vision for the brand using design, illustration, photography, and technology to create materials that communicate, transfer knowledge, and inspire action.

Vision becomes reality

We work closely with our team of fabricators, developers, and printers, to create beautiful functional design solutions. We choose the best people and substrates to find the balance of beauty, quality, sustainability, and customer service to make sure the final product goes beyond expectations.

Why Pixel Parlor?

Consider us your trusted guide to understand your needs and elevate your story with meaningful design.

Want to learn more about our process?

Consider us your trusted guide to understand your needs and elevate your story with meaningful design.

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