Redesign and modernization for a community resource

Project Overview

New Kensington Community Development Corporation (NKCDC) offers a wide variety of resources, including housing, community, and commercial & arts services, to residents and businesses within the Kensington, Fishtown, and Port Richmond neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

NKCDC came to us to help transform their website from a burden of inefficiency into a powerful sales tool that is a driving force for everything they do in their community. Aside from a visual facelift to appear more modern, welcoming, and approachable, we worked with NKCDC to identify and achieve the following project goals.


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  • 64% Increased Engagement
  • 27% Increased Traffic

"Pixel Parlor turned our diverse service lines and a long list of administrative needs into a friendly, cohesive site that immediately began helping us serve more clients."

- Lowell Brown, Communications Manager, NKCDC

The Result

The new website instantly helped to alleviate NKCDC’s long list of administrative pain points with its organized admin experience which allows staff from multiple departments to create content and manage pages easily without extensive training. The staff is able to quickly respond to inquiries as each form is funneled directly to the correct departments. In addition, the site immediately began helping NKCDC serve their clients as they saw a huge uptick in housing appointment requests in the first few weeks post-launch.

64% Increased Engagement

27% Increased Traffic

"All signs show that investing in Pixel Parlor was one of the best financial decisions we could have made."

- Lowell Brown, Communications Manager, NKCDC

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