Anomaly Homes

Unique logo design for an unconventional real estate business

Project Overview

Anomaly Homes aims to create beautiful and energy-efficient homes that inspire feelings of coherence, fascination, and hominess. When homebuyers feel like they have to settle, Anomaly Homes offers a path to an alternative where they have the support, knowledge, and ingenuity to help them find a home they’ll love. 

We love designing logos for emerging businesses that serve as a visual shorthand for an exciting, unfolding vision. The process started with a questionnaire where we captured points of inspiration to kick off a conversation to clarify the tone, personality, and direction of the brand. We uncovered a goal to design a logo that evoked contentment, awe, delight, and belonging in Anomaly Homes’ clients. 

The logo had to make it clear that Anomaly Homes wasn’t a conventional home “flipper.” They bring an emphasis on details and a willingness to go further and find more creative and sustainable solutions than most customers are accustomed to during home renovations. They are—as the name suggests—fueled by breaking norms, and the logo is able to highlight the premium quality and creative personality of the brand. Through a collaborative process where we worked through a mood board and inspirational references, we landed on a final design that strikes the right balance between standing out as a unique brand and “fitting in” just enough to communicate credibility to homebuyers.



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