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Project Overview

Several of the Pixel Parlor staff count themselves as gamers and were especially excited to work with local veteran game developer and designer, David Dunham of A Sharp recently.

David has been developing games and game assets since ’99. His most popular game? King of Dragon Pass: blending interactive stories and resource management into an epic saga of conflict, magic, and community. Now in the middle of developing a successor to KoDP, David reached out to Pixel Parlor to develop a logo for “Six Ages.” Just like KoDP, Six Ages takes place in the ancient mythological world of Glorantha. Who’s ready to dust off their 20-sided-die?

The Process

First, we want to get as much information from the client as possible. David was very generous and shared with us in-progress character designs and illustration so we could better visualize the world of Six Ages. We also conducted our own research pulling inspiration from classic adventure games like Zelda, Monkey Island, and Dungeons & Dragons. Ready to get started, we began sketching and painting letterforms.

From these sketches, we moved on to digital artwork. A couple important design elements explored here were runes—as the game centers around various elemental magic—and the horse-head dagger. The dagger is based on Karasuk-type weaponry. These are a just a few of our in-progress favorites that didn’t make the final cut, but we love just the same.

The Final Product

After various rounds and discussions with the client, we have the final logo. We can’t wait to see more from David and A Sharp as the game continues to progress. If you’re curious about the game’s development, follow along on the Six Ages website, the development blog or Twitter.

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