Ethos Cannabis

Branding and experiential design for a multi-state medical marijuana company

Project Overview

Ethos Cannabis is a multi-state medical marijuana company dedicated to helping individuals feel better through their experiences with cannabis. We worked together to develop a distinct brand experience in the competitive cannabis and medical marijuana market across thirteen stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Maryland.

We led an extensive discovery process, involving site visits and research into the cannabis industry landscape and regulatory guidelines across multiple states. Through an iterative process of sketching and concept development, the underlying character and beliefs of the Ethos Cannabis brand were brought to life. Inspired by the life cycle of a plant, the “flower of life” concept symbolizes the integration of various facets of the Ethos brand.

We applied the visual identity to clear and welcoming environmental graphics and signage, conveying Ethos’ scientific approach through interior graphics, and expanded the brand further with a user-friendly website for easy patient access to product information.

The highly flexible brand system enabled customization to suit the increasing number of new dispensary locations. With a visually captivating logomark and thoughtfully designed environmental graphics and signage, Ethos is equipped to position itself as a trusted business for customers and a leading brand in the medical marijuana industry, enabling them to thrive in the rapidly evolving market.


Results / Impact

  • Opened 15 Locations across 4 States in Year 1

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