Strata Company

Strata Company is a marketing & communications agency with a wide range of client-driven solutions to help solve complex challenges by leveraging emerging technologies to merge marketing processes into a streamlined, single-source workflow.

Branding, Illustration, Website Design & Development

Project Overview
Strata Company approached Pixel Parlor seeking to give their brand a facelift and a new website designed to reflect their new image. As part of the rebrand, we set out to tackle their new voice to support their marketing materials and website, by developing the foundation for the character, purpose, style, and tone, of the new Strata Company brand.

Project Goals

  • Create a new visual identity with a flexible palette of design materials
  • Develop messaging that breaks down Strata’s complex marketing services into more approachable and easy-to-understand terms
  • Illustrations created to cater directly to support their services in an engaging visual way
  • Design & develop a new website utilizing the latest technology for a modern aesthetic and easy-to-use backend editing experience

The original Strata Company logo (first) and the new rebranded logo (second) created by Pixel Parlor

“The Pixel Parlor team was truly great to work with. They have a knack for “gently” pulling you out of your comfort zone, providing options that keep everyone comfortable with the design process and won’t settle until everyone is 100% happy with the end result. The organization and project management is top notch and takes all of the guesswork out of the process. We can’t thank them enough for helping us turn our brand into something we’re all proud to show off.”

Caitlin Lally

Marketing Manager, Strata Company

Brand guidelines for Strata Company (top), branded one-pagers and business cards (bottom)

Our Approach

Our process began with research and a discovery & visioning session, bringing together team leadership and key stakeholders to help determine the overall vision for the project. Our initial research included brand and website benchmarking, competitive analysis and identified initial problem solving to address. From here, we were able to gather a full understanding of goals & measures of success, assessed the existing website, and built a team consensus and expectations to move forward.

Illustrations created to represent Strata’s services (first) and Infographic explaining their campaign marketing process using visuals (second)

The Result

From a branding standpoint, we created a new logo and support materials to help expand the brand, including a branded color system, typefaces, and design elements to create a flexible palette of design solutions. Additionally, custom illustrations were created, catered to speak directly to and simplify their complex marketing services.

The new Strata website is a fully customized solution featuring page templates designed with the flexibility to support the different types of content on the site. Built on WordPress, the website leverages the latest technology with a mix of custom Gutenberg blocks and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to ensure the longevity of the website while providing a pain-free editing experience that is easy for even the most non-tech savvy to use.

Increased Engagement 104%

Increased Traffic 50%

Reduced Bounce Rate 10%

The Strata website before (first) and after (second) our redesign.

A glimpse into the wireframe phase, where a lot of tough decisions are made regarding the information architecture of the website.

Since launch, the Strata Company website has been awarded a 2020 American Graphic Design Award from GD USA.

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