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The Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN) is a community of local independent businesses that demonstrates the degree to which businesses can build profitable enterprises while serving community needs, sharing wealth, and protecting the environment

Web Design & Development

Project Overview
SBN approached our team to reimagine their website, and achieve better results for their memberships, programs, and events. Their existing website was out of date and wasn’t being used as an automated tool to support their efforts Because of this, a lot of the clients responsibilities were handled manually which increased administration time. In addition to addressing these issues, an emphasis was placed on creating a better user experience, improving usability, and shifting the focus of the site from transactional to experiential.

Project Goals

  • Member portal connected to payment portal and Salesforce
  • Job board automation, event management, and robust blog capabilities
  • Highlight the impact of the organization
  • Convert the website to a user-friendly platform so that updates could be completed in-house

A side by side comparison of SBN’s homepage before (left) and after (right) our redesign

Our Process

We began, as we always do, with a visioning session to understand their goals and how to best address them. During this visioning session we defined roles, which included a collaboration with Brio to create an integration plan to leverage the client’s Salesforce member data to power the new website. We took a very hands-on approach by facilitating a card sorting exercise that distilled their site structure into index cards that allowed them to reorganize their site organically, and to break down preconceived site structure which allowed their team to move the content into the best, most logical categories.

Finalized sitemap for new website (left), visioning session discovery boards (top right), and early sketches of wireframes (bottom right)

Web Design

Using the insight generated in the visioning session and card sorting exercise, we established the flow and structure of the site via a sitemap. This sitemap allowed our team to generate an extensive set of wireframes to diagram each page and identified any necessary interactivity, as well as a plan for connecting the site to Salesforce. This information architecture exercise functioned as our project roadmap that helped not only to guide the creation of new content but the design of the final site.

We collaborated with the client via a content template that directly reflected the wireframes to generate original written content, manage edits, and identify photography and illustration. This centrally located document allowed all team members to manage tasks, project status, and collaborate to get the job done.

A glimpse into the wireframe phases, where a lot of tough decisions are made regarding the information architecture of the website.


The new website and imagery achieved the goal of providing a visually appealing refresh, that is easy to navigate and focuses on the experiential. A streamlined process for payment transactions, submitting job posts, and event management allows these tasks to be completed on the website with ease and decreases administration time. In addition, the new website, built on WordPress, is seamlessly synced with Salesforce, Stripe, and Eventbrite and is easily managed by the SBN team.

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