Kensington Corridor Trust

Kensington Corridor Trust is an organization formed to help the Kensington community reclaim control over the once-thriving commercial corridor by reactivating real estate, fostering local entrepreneurship and reinvesting capital in the neighborhood. They seek to achieve through unwavering commitment and by shifting power back to the neighborhood.

Logo, Branding & Illustration

Project Overview
Kensington Corridor Trust (KCT) approached Pixel Parlor with a dream of designing a strong visual identity and messaging that highlights KCT’s unique story and vision for the Kensington neighborhood.

Our response to the challenge was to create an extensive brand system including color palette, icons and patterns pulled locally from the Kensington area that allows Kensington Corridor Trust the flexibility on future marketing and social media materials as well as apparel and collateral.

Project Goals

  • Create a visual identity and messaging that highlights KCT’s unique story and vision
  • Develop icons, color palette and secondary elements unique to Kensington
  • Showcase local and iconic landmarks that relate directly to Kensington Corridor
  • Create a brand style guide to maintain brand consistency across various platforms

Kensington Corridor Trust logo and background pattern

Examples of the branding icons applied to environmental graphics and social media

Our Approach

We began with a visioning session that gathered informative cultural insights from local board members who’ve lived in Kensington and the design team together to outline the objectives and goals of the project. Due to COVID-19, we took a virtual tour of Kensington and relied on research and the visioning document to serve as our design roadmap through the entirety of the project.

A look at the sketch process for the KCT logo

The Result

The design pulled inspiration from local and iconic landmarks in the surrounding Kensington area, like the Tioga Headhouse, K&A train station, and the “EL.” The colors, patterns and icons were inspired by the rich history of manufacturing factories in Kensington. The inclusive and extensive brand identity positions Kensington Corridor Trust as a knowledgeable, friendly and trustworthy organization to the Kensington neighborhood.

Examples of patterns, apparel and posters with the KCT logo system applied

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