Ethos Cannabis

Ethos Cannabis is a multi-state medical marijuana company dedicated to helping individuals feel better through their experiences with cannabis with dispensaries in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida, and Arizona.

Branding, Print Design, Wayfinding, Web Design & Development

Project Overview
Ethos Cannabis approached Pixel Parlor to build and launch a new brand in the growing cannabis and medical marijuana market. The new brand needed to stand out in the crowded marketplace and set Ethos apart as a leader in research and experience. We worked closely with Ethos to simultaneously launch the new brand across multiple platforms.

Brand guide for Ethos Cannabis (top) and in-store poster graphics (bottom).

Project Goals

  • Develop a highly adaptive logomark that can meet health and regulatory guidelines across multiple states.
  • Create a comprehensive brand guide to maintain brand consistency across various platforms and vendors.
  • Develop a flexible system of environmental graphics and regulatory signage that can be implemented into new and existing dispensary locations.
  • Ensure the interior graphics would not overwhelm or overstimulate patients and convey the scientific approach Ethos has developed.
  • Design and develop a website that clearly directs patients to the information they need about products.

Initial flower and logo concepts, logo and website sketches, and icon system for products.

Our Approach

The discovery process involved site visits and research into the local and regional cannabis industry landscape. An extensive system of sketches and concepts were developed to convey the underlying character and beliefs of the brand. The concept of the “flower of life” was developed from the life cycle of a plant and represents the various facets of the Ethos Cannabis brand merging together.

The interior and exterior signage package was created to brand each location. We took a systematic approach to the signage system by mapping each element on the architectural plans and by creating elevations to organize and plan the content of each sign type, this included ADA and regulatory compliant signage.

Desktop version of the Homepage and mobile version of the About page for the website.

The Result

The Ethos Cannabis brand has been successful in adapting to the changing marketplace and evolving regulatory requirements. The flexible brand system has allowed the look and feel to be tailored to an increasingly large number of new locations since the initial store launch in Philadelphia in early 2020 with brand consistency, and equity.

Additional examples of environmental graphics, code signage, and exterior signage applied across various locations..

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