Mt. Airy CDC

Brand strategy, collateral system, and website for a dynamic neighborhood-based CDC

Project Overview

When Mt. Airy CDC (formerly known as Mt. Airy USA) initially approached us, they had a naming conundrum on their hands. Go Mt. Airy, the organization’s events and community engagement campaign, had been a great success – to the point that its brand overshadowed the Mt. Airy USA name and brand. As a result, it was unclear to the public that the two brands were connected, which was additionally reinforced by the two initiatives both maintaining separate websites.

The challenges were multi-faceted, as not only were we tasked with unifying the brands and creating a communication hierarchy to clear up public confusion, but also to rename the main brand to something that better described the organization’s mission and purpose. To facilitate this process, the project was broken up into phases, as each step would impact the next. Once we created a refreshed, singular brand, we applied the branding strategy to the structure and design of the Mt Airy CDC collateral system and website, and integrated new functionality to help support their new initiatives and increased scope of services.

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  • Brand Guide
  • Logo Design
  • Sub-Brands
  • Interactive Design

“It’s been a delight to work with Pixel Parlor to solve our organization’s significant branding conundrum…PXP helped us streamline the whole lot with a suite of logos that referenced the parent organization (with its new name), a handsome and defined set of typefaces, and an easy-to-use style guide with color palettes for all seasons.”

- Brad Maule, Communications Manager & Brad Copeland, Executive Director, Mt. Airy CDC

“We’ve enjoyed working with them so much that we’ve enlisted them for projects outside our original scope of work and will continue to do so.”

- Brad Maule, Communications Manager & Brad Copeland, Executive Director, Mt. Airy CDC

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