Digital assets and packaging for a film distribution company

Project Overview

Decal is a film distribution company that handles the home entertainment releases for Neon (I, Tonya, Parasite), Bleecker Street (The Assistant, Captain Fantastic), and XYZ Films (The Raid, The Platform). If you have seen the memorable artwork for Pig starring Nicolas Cage or Together Together starring Patti Harrison and Ed Helms while scrolling through countless streaming options, you have encountered a Decal-distributed release. We hope you’ve seen many of their films. They are daring, fresh, and a click away for most film-watchers from the comfort of their home.

Decal approached our team to assist with the production of digital assets for streaming platforms along with packaging for Blu-ray and DVD for the various titles they release for Bleecker Street and XYZ Films. Partnering with Decal gave us the opportunity to showcase our graphic design expertise and our ability as a studio to deliver rounds of edits and final designs quickly and efficiently.


Results / Impact

  • 20+ Titles released per year

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